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Thursday, 31 December 2015

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Hi there!

Happy New Year 2016!!!!!!
Congratulations on surviving 2015, that was one tough year.

So along with the new year comes new resolutions, new starts and new things. And I am happy to announce that I have a brand new "Subscribe" bar on the top of my blog! You can just enter your e-mail address there to get subscribed to my posts! Note: If you are reading this in the mobile, switch the view into web version. You'll get it. Plus, how's the new template? I liked the web version more than the mobile one. Check it out! Fitting, right?

Anyway, this year, I am going to post lots of creative things on my blog (or that's the plan) and maybe I will get to interact with some of you too! I am going to make my blog more 'Books and Creativity' centered so that I will have a theme to stick to. Plus this year, I am starting my 12th grade so I might not be able to post more frequently in my blog. But I'll make sure that whatever the things I post on are worth the wait.

For me, 2015 was a great year. I scored good marks in my 10th grade finals, I joined a new college, made new friends, discovered new T.V shows, books and fandoms *sigh*. I created this blog in April 2015. I had a great time.

I want 2016 to be a...well, basically a good year. I don't think I will have much fun this year because 12th grade finals are EXTREMELY important in India and I will be drowned in a massive, relentless ocean of books, an avalanche of perplexing formulae and a vast syllabus of boredom. So, yeah, wish me luck.

What I am interested most, though, is this: How did 2015 go for you? And what do you expect to happen in 2016? Tell me in your comments below!

Do subscribe to my blog! I promise I'll make time to post good stuff in my blog! Maybe, that will be my new year resolution.

Random fact: I am currently reading 'Cinder' by Marissa Meyer right now.

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I hope you'll have a great year ahead!

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