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Friday, 20 May 2016

The Blogger's Note: April and May!

Namasté and hello everyone!

April and May were super busy months for me and this year they went as soon as they arrived! Time flies.

So here are some things that happened to me these months:

1. I caught a cold.
Okay, this might not sound that interesting, but for me, cold and flu are a giant no. It is because once I catch the flu, it dosen't leave me for months together. And untill it subsides, I am not allowed to eat or drink anything cold.
And of course, the stupid flu decided to attack me during summer.
Honestly, summer is the worst time to catch a cold. It is like reading Hunger Games all over again. All the things that you love leaves you.
But Flu during Summer? How weird is that considering it is 41 degree Celsius everyday?!

I desperately needed to eradicate the flu from my body

So here are some things I tried that might help you one day:
A. Drink loads of hot/warm water. Trust me, it really works
B. Inhale some steam.
This is definitely an age old practice so I guess everyone knows this by now. Or just take a steamy bath.
C. Apply Eucalyptus oil to your sore nose.
Okay, I'll warn you: When you apply it on your nose which is sore after rubbing it again and again on your tissue, it hurts. A lot. It is basically searing pain in its pure form. But it numbs your skin after a minute and feels pleasant later. It is just like aftershave. Plus I actually have a special technique to dilute the pain to a considerable extent. All you have to do is take a piece of cloth or tissue and make it damp with cold water. Once you apply the oil/essence on your sore nose, immediately place the cloth on your nose to lessen the pain. It works. I tried it.

2. I started 12th grade.
Let me tell you what I have learnt:
Take Science as your stream only if you are either willing to manage time efficiently and study really hard or if you are willing to sacrifice your happiness and hobbies and study really hard.
There are lots of privilages in taking the Science stream in India. Your parents announce with pride, "My child is a Science student." and people look at you with awe as if you have climbed Mount Everest. At that time, you will feel the non existent golden aura of being a  'Science student' enveloping you.
Yep. The stamp of society's approval.
Additional advantage: You can change streams after 12th as Science is the hardest stream.
But believe me, apart from this, Science is not extremely fun. Especially if you hate Chemistry and Maths or if you are really creative and stuff. In that case, take Arts. It might be better; I don't have an idea about it though. Oh, the times I wished to change my streams to Arts is inumerable, even it is still mostly shunned by the conservative Indian society. It was one of the main reasons I opted for Science. I got a great percent in my 10th grade but now I am so down in my 11th that I am praying to all the gods in the world to just get me promoted to 12th. I think I will get promoted. Pray for me. (Update: I did get promoted. Yippee.)

3. Nine hours of tutions: Yep you heard it right. Nine freaking hours. In the freaking summer vacations. What was worse was that I had to catch a crowded train, stand for twenty minutes while being mercilessly sandwiched in the insane crowd (this part needs a whole another post to describe properly) and walk for half an hour to reach the class every morning, which was in the district capital. My mind used to be completely saturated after hours of learning about unsaturated hydrocarbons. Thankfully, I got shifted back to my own city's branch of tutions.

4. Major motivation collapse: This was a horrible experience I had recently. One day I woke up happily and took my Physics textbook in my hand just to realise that my brain rejected any attempt to accept any input from my eyes or store it. I was constantly distracted, even by the plain wall in front of me. That's when I realised that I didn't want to study anymore. None of the derivations mattered to me. I had ZERO motivation. So I just wrapped myself in a blanket along with my misery and sat on the bed, rocking back and forth holding my Physics textbook in my hand while my mom scolded me for killing time in vain. I requested a lot of my friends to help me get out of that hellhole and motivate me. Finally, I googled some advice and it really helped me. Here's a link to it if you are feeling down:

Oh, and speaking of Motivation, do check out my INCREDIBLE friend, Irene's post on motivation which will definitely get you sparking with energy! Click HERE to read it!
Here's an excerpt:

"Work for victory. Work to transcend mediocrity. Work to look down upon the nuances of the world and know that you’ve conquered it."

I am really excited for May as my family will have a house-warming ceremony for our new home! I wouldn't be moving there till next year though as the new house is in other city and not in the city I currently live in right now, which is also the location of my college and tutions. 

Update: My guests arrived and the house warming ceremony was amazing! Yep, I had TWO days of 'not-studying' and I am so grateful for that.

So that's all for April and May! I hope you are having fun, wherever you are. If not, the dark times you are going through will be over soon.

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