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Saturday, 7 November 2015

A Very Albanian Story (Part 1) (Heroes of Olympus Fanfiction)

                                                        A VERY ALBANIAN STORY.
                                                                      PART 1           
(A crossover of Harry Potter and Heroes of Olympus.)
Author’s note and Disclaimer: This crossover is written purely for entertainment purpose. All the characters of Heroes of Olympus and Harry Potter belong to Rick Riordan and J.K.Rowling respectively. I do not own any of the characters.
     This all began when I saw a headcannon in Instagram:
     This story is a fusion between two different years, but everything is possible in fanfics, right? Oh, and BTW, this story contains MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS SERIES. So if you haven’t read them yet, please refrain from reading this story. You won’t understand them.  Finally, this story takes place between the House of Hades and Blood of Olympus and between Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban (I know they are two different decades). So I hope you will enjoy this fanfic! Do leave comments and suggestions!
          Reyna gave Annabeth a hug. “We will succeed,” she promised.  “I know you will,” Annabeth said. Coach Hedge shouldered his baseball bat. “Yeah, don’t worry! I’m going to get to camp and see my baby! Uh, I mean I’m going to get this baby to camp!” he patted the leg of the Athena Parthenos.
          “All right,” said Nico. “Grab the ropes, please. Here we go.” Reyna and Hedge took hold. The air darkened. The Athena Parthenos collapsed into its own shadow and disappeared, along with its escorts.
            It was the nausea that hit Reyna first.  She’d braced for any sort of impact since she’d never shadow travelled before.  But she never expected this.
           The air darkened and became cold and frigid. Reyna started shivering.  Voices of the ghosts that haunted her old home in her childhood whispered softly in her ears.  They weren’t very clear, but she could make out what they were saying. Traitor. Murderer. Betrayer.  Reyna forced all the feelings of guilt deep, deep inside her.
                When they materialised back again, she felt dizzy and sick. She sat down heavily and focused on her breathing. After a while, when she felt she was steady again, she realised that Nico had brought them in a grassland in the middle of the forest.  Reyna stood up and opened her mouth to ask Nico where they’d arrived when she saw that he was asleep and Coach Hedge had fallen on his face, groaning loudly.  “Coach, are you alright?” Reyna asked. Coach Hedge scrambled up to his feet and grumbled, “Of course, I am fine, Roman. It is the boy who needs to have a rest,” he said pointing to Nico.
                Coach Hedge and Reyna removed the ropes that tied Nico to the Athena Parthenos and gently laid him on the ground, putting the backpack under his head as a pillow. “We have to find something for dinner now,” said Reyna, “unless we want to sleep starving.” “Don’t worry, dinner’s on me. You just find us a place to rest for the night,” said Coach Hedge.  “Sure. But where do you reckon are we?” she asked.  Coach Hedge looked around and sniffed the air. “Oak, Beech, Elm. Maybe we are somewhere to the north of Greece....” He took out three acorns and a pipe from his pocket. He put the acorns on the ground, surrounding them with leaves. Muttering something about how he hated music, he played a strange tune on his pipe.
                The acorns rearranged themselves along with the leaves which made a sort of map. Reyna studied it carefully.”Hey, this looks like a map of Albania!” she exclaimed. “That explains Beech and Oak. But what I don’t understand is the smell of decay...maybe some animal corpse is nearby,” said Coach Hedge.  “We’ll take care of that later, Coach. For now, I’ll go and find a cave or something,” said Reyna “We can’t sleep in the open.”
                Leaving Coach Hedge to take care of the dinner, Reyna set out to explore the forests. Rays of the setting sun streamed through the gaps between the leaves, dust swirling in it. Birds chirped lazily, retiring to their nests for the coming night. The whole forest had a mysterious musky smell to it. As if it were hiding something from the unwary people who entered it.
                About an hour later, Reyna stumbled across an abandoned, ruined house. It was ancient and crumbling, with plants growing from its cracks. It seemed about a century old and had a strange, decaying smell enveloping it.  Frowning, Reyna pushed the rusted main gate, which made a loud, creaking noise, and stepped inside the courtyard.  As she entered, she felt some sort of tingling sensation in her skin, as if she had walked through a thin curtain of electricity. Something felt wrong there. Immediately, the hair on her skin stood up and each and every instinct in her body screamed to her to run. Reyna knew by experience that nothing good would come if she didn’t listen to her sharp instincts. So she turned away immediately and ran back towards the Athena Parthenos.  Maybe they were better off sleeping in the open than in that house.


                Nico woke up at noon the next day. And his first thought was: Burgers. Gods of Olympus, he was ravenous. Nico frowned. He was never this hungry during his brief stay at the Argo-II. Maybe shadow travelling had helped to increase his appetite. He rubbed his eyes and saw the Roman praetor and Coach Hedge eating sandwiches. “So you are awake,” the praetor announced, “Have some sandwiches. We will leave at the evening.” It took all of Nico’s self control not to gobble them all as soon as they were kept before him since Reyna was carefully observing all his actions.
 After he had finished his lunch, aka his skipped dinner plus breakfast plus lunch, he leaned against a tree watching Coach Hedge writing a letter to his wife and checking the traps that he had set all around the Athena Parthenos and the all trees near it. Reyna strolled casually next to Nico and leaned against the tree too. “I went to search for a place to rest for the night yesterday,” she said in a low voice, “I came across a ruined bungalow. It was old and creepy.  But what bothered me the most was that it had some sort of...mist around it. An aura of death...” she studied him carefully as if he might know the cause behind it.  “I could sense lots of deaths around here,” he said slowly, “But there might be a lot of dead animals in this forest, right? What you sensed could be one of them.” “I did think about that first, but it wasn’t just that. I had this strange feeling when I stepped in that house. Like, something was wrong there. I think it is the lair of some kind of a monster.  We need to go and check that place,” insisted Reyna. “Fine then.” Nico sighed. “We’ll go and have a look. But what about Coach Hedge?”  “No, I don’t want to put him at risk,” said Reyna, “We will ask him to guard the Athena Parthenos.” “Okay.” With that, Nico asked Coach Hedge to look after the statue and followed Reyna into the woods.

                                                      COACH HEDGE.

What Gleeson Hedge wanted more than anything else was a TV. He was almost ready to even sell the statue for it.
Left all alone with only the statue and his baseball bat for company, he took a piece of paper and started writing a letter to Mellie. Pan’s pipes, he missed her so much. Her smile, the way she laughed... Hedge sighed. He had to go back to Mellie and his unborn child. Finishing his letter, he paced around the tree.
He looked up towards the branch and an idea struck him. Why not make a trap that would make the monsters hang upside down? Ah, yes. That would be fun. Then maybe he could even give the monsters a good bangin’ on their head. Humming a tune of a Chuck Norris film to himself, he removed some ropes and sticks from his bag pack and started his work happily.


Reyna silently walked through the forests with Nico along her side. The sound of chirping birds filled the air. But they seemed to quieten as they reached the old house.
Reyna turned to look at Nico. “This is the house I was talking about,” she announced. Nico had a deep frown on his face. “I can sense death nearby,” he murmured, “But it is all...wrong.” He concentrated for some time and then blinked. “Let’s scout the perimeter of this house,” he suggested.
They walked outside the fence. The house felt sent bad vibes. Reyna could see a few vultures circling above the house. The front door was broken and wide open, but it only revealed complete darkness inside the house. The rotting smell became stronger. The walls were cracked and the old glass window was so dusty that-
Reyna stopped abruptly and stared at the window. She thought she’d  just seen a face in the window. But it was gone. “Nico?” she whispered “I think I just saw-” she stopped when she realised that Nico wasn’t there. Where had he gone?

Cursing herself, she rushed and turned around the corner of the fence to see an ashen faced Nico. And a decaying corpse of a woman ahead of them.

End of part one.

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