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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Book Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Book Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
Author: Rick Riordan

Summary: Percy Jackson thinks that he is just a troubled kid attending a school for troubled kids. But soon enough, he accidently vaporizes his maths teacher and his life becomes anything but safe and normal. He realises that he is a demigod, a son of a Greek god, and is sent to Camp Half Blood, a camp where demigod kids like him would be safe and receive training to battle monsters.  Percy makes new friends in the camp and together they go on dangerous quests. But Percy soon finds out that there is more to being a powerful demigod than just fighting lousy monsters. The worst enemy of the gods rises and according to the great prophecy, Percy would have to make a choice that would safeguard or destroy the gods and the world forever.
My review: The Percy Jackson series is, hands down, a fantastic series! Narrated in first person by the witty demigod protagonist, Percy, this series would totally grip you! Let’s have a look at its pros and cons.
Pros: Almost everything is a pro here! Percy is a hilarious guy who is sassy and sarcastic even in the gravest of times. His friends Grover and Annabeth are also as awesome as him. The trio goes to quests, defeats monsters, vaporizes evil maths teachers and handles impossible situation with ease. The story brims with imagination, humour and excitement and each chapter ends in a cliff hanger. Percy is portrayed so realistically that you will just forget that he is a fictional guy!

Cons: I seriously don’t know what to write in this section. But I will definitely warn you, please do not read this series when you have exams if you don’t want to fail.

Conclusion: Must Must Must Read!!!!!!
Recommended age group:  11 years to 17 years
Stars:  5/5

There is a spin off series called Heroes of Olympus which takes place after Percy Jackson series. To read its review (mostly spoiler free), click here.
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Hope you liked this review! Adios and have a happy ‘Persassy’ reading!

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