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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Book Review: The Krishna Key

 Book Review
Book- The Krishna Key
Author- Ashwin Sanghi

Summary – The Krishna Key centres on Ravi Mohan Saini, the protagonist and a historian who has been accused of the murder of his childhood friend Anil Varshney. In an attempt to clear his name, Saini looks into the past of Indian Mythology's grey areas and uncovers the truth about a serial killer who believes himself to be Kalki, the final avatar of Lord Vishnu. Saini travels from the ancient ruins of the Lost City of Dwaraka to Vrindavan temples in an attempt to discover one of Krishna's treasures and stop the killer from murdering his friends who are also under the threat.

The plot involves four different pieces of the seal which must be brought together to solve the puzzle. Each part of the seal is in the possession of different people who are the descendants of the Yadava tribes namely Saini,Bojaraj, Varshney and Chhedi. The author narrates a detailed version of the post-Mahabharata history through the protagonist, a distinguished professor of history, who himself happens to be a lineal descendant of Krishna being from Saini tribe of Punjab. The Author also portrays the autobiography of Lord Krishna from his birth to death in his own words, in parallel to the main story-line. (Wikipedia)

My review - The Krishna Key is definitely an awesome thriller. It is a thoroughly researched novel and it presents loads of stunning facts which were never known before. The book is very good but there are some drawbacks.

Pros – The Krishna key has a good plot. It gives lots of information that helps us to know more about temples and places in India. It throws light on the legendary Sarasvati river. The plot twists are good and the major twist in the middle of the story is completely unexpected. The storyline is good and each chapter begins with a paragraph of Lord Krishna’s autobiography and this is a welcome change. The story is gripping and it gives a good moral.

Cons- The book becomes somewhat boring in some places when lengthy discussions take place. Some facts are hard to believe. Also, the main character is not as interesting as others and this is a major flaw according to me. The climax is sort of weird for me since it is too much to process and does not make sense.

Conclusion – This book is definitely worth a read since its flaws are small and not much noticeable. It is a gripping and captivating thriller and a good effort by the author.

Stars: 3 ½ / 5

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