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Friday, 11 December 2015

The Blogger's note: School Days

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great day!

So I was going through my Instagram feed and saw that many people were complaining about school.  I saw loads of posts that were captioned "I hate school", "School sucks" ,etc.

And being the person who will gladly spend any amount of time by just thinking about random things in order to postpond the overwhelming mountain of work in front of me, I wondered what was the reason why so many people simply hate school.

Then the little voice on the back of my head said, Duh! Who are you kidding? You hated school too.

True. Actually, I did not hate my school.My school was the best school in the whole city! I had absolutely no problem getting up early. My school itself was big and beautiful, with spacious classrooms and airy corridors. I loved the faculty (maybe except a few) and the other staff members. It was just that I couldn't fit in with my classmates.

Now don't get me wrong. I had such fun time with few people who I really cared about. But the thing was, I couldn't really understand the character of my classmates. So yeah, I was basically a loner.

Being the odd one out in my class, I had to face many problems. As my luck factor was really low, most of my friends were are almost always in different divisions . So I would be stuck alone in my class unable to get any help from anyone during homework submissions, projects, assignments, etc. I was really late in making friends when I was young (now don't blame me! I was a shy but hot tempered kid) and when I was old enough and ready to make new friends, the friend circles were already formed and obviously I was left alone without any group or squad. I felt like an outsider and I always had an I-am-not-supposed-to-be-here feeling. More than anything, I wanted people to talk with me. But people would do that only when they were bored of everything else or if they wanted a favor. So my usual past time was just sitting on the lectures, studying and daydreaming about the time when I would finally meet my real friends, escape my school life and become social person.

And this was the time when I was introduced to the Harry Potter novels which set a chain reaction in motion and I began to discover the world of books, fiction, fantasy and possibilities. I began to derive strength from books and they helped me survive through my lonely days. My books have literally become my best friends during high school years.

Now since I have joined junior college, I am finding new opportunities and making new friends. I have finally learnt how to mingle with people and have fun.But I wouldn't have known the meaning and importance of friendship if it wasn't for my school.

This whole experience taught me that times change. If your having a bad time right now, remember every person has ups and downs in their lives. Like the drowning man who kept clinging on to a plank on a raging sea until he was finally washed ashore, just hold on to your happy memories, hope and determination. Things will definitely change for the better. Then your school will be proud of you since you'd become the successful person you always wanted to be. They might even put up billboards with your picture in it.


I think that was enough inspirational speech for this year.

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So don't hate school, be happy and have a great day ahead!

P.S : To any of my former schoolmates reading this, I love you all! Please don't take it in the wrong way. And thank you since you have made me stronger.

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