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Sunday, 10 January 2016

This letter will INSPIRE you!


Why did I greet you with a namaste? That's because 'Namaste' means, "I bow down to the divine within you". Beautiful greeting, isn't it? Read on, because what I am going to say is important.

You matter to this world. You are a wonderful, beautiful miracle. This is your life. You can change it whenever you want. Live happily. Don't choose anything that brings unhappiness to you unless it is beneficial to the whole society. Make your choices. Don't ever regret doing things that made you happy in a good way. It is almost never too late to do anything you want. Nothing is impossible.

Work smart. Do your work consistently. You will reach your goal in life, no matter how far away it is. But always have your goal in your mind. Think about what wonders will wait for you when you cross the mountain of hard work, agony and failures. There is a wonderful life waiting for you. There is success waiting for you. There is happiness waiting for you. Plus if you become famous enough, you can meet your favourite celebrities too!

Be independent. Never depend completely on somebody to do your work. They have their own life and difficulties to take care of. Learn to love yourself. Never be negatively influenced by what others say about you. You do not live for them. You live for yourself. Never act like somebody else. Be yourself.

There comes a time when you feel like giving up. Like you are worthless. You feel as if your life is just a miserable series of failures. But remember, failures are stepping stones to success. Never give up. Don't be ashamed to cry. Crying expels all the negative energy within your body. You will feel better after a good cry.

There are so many people who care about you. Your family, friends and relatives love you.There are more than a billion cells in your body and all they care about is your well being. You are the result of a 3.7 billion years of evolution. Never underestimate yourself.

You have so many beautiful things to see and experience in your life. You are not alone. Don't feel ashamed. Time heals everything. People tend to forget.

Achieve something. Show the world that you can do something. Value time. Respect nature. Try to see things from the perspective of others before you argue. Compete with yourself. Be strong. Be brave. Achieve your dream. Change your life. You are unique.


P.S. This is an improved version of the letter I wrote to encourage myself. I hope you are as inspired by it as I myself am.

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