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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Blogger's Note: Introduction.

The Blogger's Note .

Hello my dear viewers! I am Manasa and you are reading the Blogger's Note!

Bit obvious, wasn't it?

So anyway, this is a new section I am going to add from now. What is the Blogger's note?

I'll tell you.

The Blogger's Note is basically a section in which I get to talk to you all and share my opinions. It is also the section in which I will be announcing future projects, some important things, quotes, titbits and almost random things.

You will come to know about me soon.

One of my favourite hobbies is to make someone's day happier. To leave a smile on someone's lips. To see the brightness in their eyes. I love to compliment people and love it more when they reciprocate it. We derive some sort of pleasure when we know that we made someone happy.

I didn't have a lot of exposure towards the field of writing even though all I want is to become a writer. This is my first blog and I just love the idea of blogging! Whoever invented this must be a genius. It is such fun to watch people from different states in my country as well as people from different countries read my articles and I feel so humbled!

And that is exactly why I love you all. Because you took time to read what I have written and appreciate it. You all literally make my day happier when I see the number of views I have got. It is not much, but it still makes me smile.

So I take this moment to thank you all and stay tuned for more! Do follow my blog, share and leave comments! That will surely make my day!

Oh, and last minute notes: A Very Albanian Story Part 2 will not be published till I get more views. Seriously, I love you guys but thirteen views? That is too less. So if you want the story to be continued, you better share it to as many Percy Jackson - Heroes of Olympus fans or I will just leave it. ( JK I will never leave a story in half. I know how much pain an unfinished story causes. But I will write it very slowly. I might finish it, like, ten years later.)

Announcement: Heroes of Olympus review coming soon...
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That's it for now! Watch out for next The Blogger' Note! Till then, Adios!


  1. Very well written! Where can we find your fanfic? -Manya from landphil.

    1. Oh thank you! :) :)
      You can click on this link: